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road trip USA

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Andy was tracing through our roadtrip route in Google Maps (which, incidentally, has a neat satellite photo option in the upper right corner if you haven’t noticed) so I decided to put my two road trip travel logs up on the web again.

Road Trip USA was July 13 – July 20, 2003. Andy Chadwick, Dave Franusich, Randy Oswald and myself covered 5600 miles from Pittsburgh to Santa Monica and back in a nutso crazy tour of our fine country. (If you haven’t read the Grand Canyon entry on this one yet, do so. It’s in the Wednesday entry.)

RoadTrip2 was June 13 – June 21, 2004, with andyl covering 4500 miles from Boston to Menlo Park through the American South.

I’m really glad I did these. I like reading through them again.

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    Hmm. Maybe I should get around to editing the virtual domains entry so that dancebutdontmosh doesn’t load as WMUCsports…

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