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Covers contest #10 announcement

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That’s right, it’s a return of the cover’s contest, with some slight changes.

A reminder of the rules and the changes thereto:

  1. Andy, Dave or I are the lead for the week. The lead picks the song to cover for the week. The lead rotates every week.
  2. Anyone may submit covers. They are due two weeks after the start of the contest. (Note the change!)
  3. There will be voting each week on the best cover and most original covers for the week.

The idea behind having two weeks to do covers isn’t, in my mind, really to spend more time on the cover, but to have more time for other things.

I also want to have a little bit each week about why the lead has chosen that song.

And now, the cover for contest #10
This week’s song is Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (Original).

What Adrian has to say about Smooth Criminal:

I know this song so well and I’ve heard it so many times and yet I don’t know it at all. My understanding of the lyrics is completely wrong.

Submissions for this contest will be due by midnight (local time) Monday, Nov. 14.

2 Responses to “Covers contest #10 announcement”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I’m thoroughly ashamed to admit that I didn’t realize that song was originally by Michael Jackson…

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