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awesome thanksgiving show

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I did an awesome Thanksgiving day show with my mom. The playlist had a ton of Motown and oldies music and we talked about our thanksgiving and read some of our recipes that we always use.

This week I’m back to normal—the Lunch Special with a guest (George Houle from the Music Dept.) Tuesday noon-1 and indie rock on Thursday morning.

[Update:] Jesse‘s nice and has offered to host the mp3 of the Thanksgiving show. It is here. I’ll only leave it up for about a week or two. It’s a big file, approx 218 MB.

5 Responses to “awesome thanksgiving show”

  1. Jesse Says:

    do/will you have an mp3 of the show?

  2. jdawg Says:

    ditto, request for same.

  3. adrian Says:

    I have an mp3 at the radio station. Does anyone have space to host it? I’d put it up for a limited amount of time (maybe a week) only. I’d guess it’s like 150 MB?

  4. Jesse Says:

    I can host it for you (although the server I would use isn’t perfect and goes down occasionally)

  5. adrian is rad » Blog Archive » Christmas show Says:

    […] I also have a special treat for you: the show in mp3 form! Thanks once again to Jesse for hosting it. […]

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