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last few days in wikipedia reading, pt. 1

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I’m thinking of starting a new periodical post with the wikipedia articles I’ve read in the last few days. You know, make this an actual web log of sorts. I read quite a bit of wikipedia.

Upper St. Clair (my home town(ship)—check the demographics of USC out. Pretty sweet, huh? 94.56% White, 4.02% Asian) to Bethel Park to Mt. Lebanon to Pittsburgh Light Rail.

brooklyn to brooklyn neighborhoods to williamsburg to hipster to argot. new york city to bronx to bronx neighborhoods (which one’s yours, jdawg?). staten island (wouldn’t it be funny to live on staten island?). alameda, california (an island off of oakland).

eye glasses to halo effect.

4 Responses to “last few days in wikipedia reading, pt. 1”

  1. Milkshake Says:

    wikipedia is slowly taking over my life

  2. jdawg Says:

    Pelham Bay

    do you do much wikipedia editing?

  3. adrian Says:

    Ah, sort of like the Taking of the Pelham One Two Three.

    I haven’t editted any wikipedia articles to date, actually.

  4. adrian is rad » Blog Archive » last few days in wikipedia, pt. 2 Says:

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