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Covers Contest #1 entries, #2 song

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Last week, I announced the Covers Contest.

A brief recap of the idea of the contest:

  • Andy, Dave or I are the lead for the week. The lead picks the song to be covered. He posts the original. The song will be announced each Tuesday and linked here.
  • We each do cover versions of this song by the following Monday and post them online as mp3s.
  • You, the readership, listens and votes.
  • Lead rotates to the next person and he picks a new song.

The original this week was Never Ending Math Equation by Modest Mouse.


*[update: new mix]

Personally, I found it pretty hard to conceive of and record a cover in a week–especially because it took until Saturday to get my laptop to a point where it’d run Protools again. A week definitely doesn’t give you time to make things perfect.

Vote for the best and most original cover. Voting will be open until next tuesday.

You can also comment here about the songs, if you’d like.

Covers Contest #2:
Andy’s choice. Original: Wait by the Secret Stars. Entries for this will be accepted until the end of the day next Monday.

7 Responses to “Covers Contest #1 entries, #2 song”

  1. Dolphio Says:

    Totally awesome. I’m impressed. I really liked all of them, it was hard to choose.

    Wow. I sound like a chick.

    Anyway, I think we should do the same thing with Photos…. so that those with no musical talent (me), can play too. You’d post a theme… and everyone submits a photo. Also, can probably be done in less time then a full song.

  2. dolphio Says:

    First Post!

  3. andy (not andyl) Says:

    Actually, I think the photo thing would be a good idea – it’d definitely make me get off me arse and take some pictures. I’d like a longer time than a week, though – since I don’t have access to a digital, and I don’t think Adrian does, either.

    Maybe we go 2 weeks, and we get to enter our best two? New photos only? 2 weeks oughta give us time to shoot and develop at least one roll. Theme is a rotating choice. That would be rad.

  4. andy (not andyl) Says:

    I’d also like to point out that the above /. style yell of “FP!@!@” is not, in fact, the first post. It’s the 2nd post.

  5. dolphio Says:

    5th Post!

    Sorry, I forgot to say FP on the end of my FP…. and I couldn’t edit it…. so I made a new comment…. please consider it as an extension to my peni^h^h^h^hfirst post

  6. penguin Says:

    zaz for the ctrl h joke!

  7. penguin Says:

    the neme original link is dead already…

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