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Covers contest #2 results, #3 entries, #4 song

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Last week I wrote about the covers contest #2 entires. The results are as follows:
Best Cover:
Adrian 3
Andy 2
Dave 2

Most Original:
Adrian 1
Andy 1
Dave 5

Looks like Dave and I are the big winners for this week.

This past week’s cover was Sassafras Roots by Green Day. (Original).

The entries:

Listen to them and vote for the best and most original cover here

The song for covers contest #4 is Suspicious Minds by Elvis. (Original). Entries will be taken until next Tuesday. Start recording!

7 Responses to “Covers contest #2 results, #3 entries, #4 song”

  1. dolphio Says:

    Your polls link hasn’t been updated

  2. Adrian Says:

    right-o. fixed.

  3. andy (not andyl) Says:

    I did a little more tweaking of mine, and sent Randy the new version – I can’t ftp or get shell access here at work, so I can’t make my new version public. Hopefully he’ll come through for me.

  4. andy (not andyl) Says:

    Also, what’s with the weird fade from 3:30-3:40 in suspicious minds? Where’d you source this mp3?

  5. Adrian Says:

    The source of the mp3 was an Elvis CD. Apparently he sang so intensely during the fade out that the band came back in for another time through the chorus.

  6. andy (not andyl) Says:

    Randy dumped the new version on his server for me – it should sound louder, and be a little bit less muddy. Yay for quick and dirty mastering…

  7. adrian is rad Says:

    Cover contest, results for #3, entries for #4, original for #5

    Results for contest #3 which was Sassafras Roots by Green Day (Original).
    Best Cover:
    Adrian 1
    Andy 1
    Dave 2

    Most Original Cover:
    Adrian 3
    Andy 0
    Dave 1

    So it looks like Dave takes the best cover and my all-casio rendition ta…

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